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    Each year since 1989 the MAREA unit has offered scholarships to area high school seniors.  Through 2003 MAREA had awarded 66 scholarships for an average of almost five per year.  Currently, these non-renewable awards are for $500 each.   The awards are for the first year of advanced study and are given directly to the institutions the students attend.

     The selection process generally proceeds as follows.  In January notices of the scholarships are mailed to principals, counselors, and others involved with student development at area schools.  These notices typically specify a March 1 deadline for applications.  Subsequently, the applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and students are notified of their selection by April 1.  The selected students and their parents are invited to attend our May meeting.  At that meeting the scholarship recipients describe to the audience their career plans and tell what institutions they plan to attend.  There are no restrictions on the institutions of advanced education to which these awards may be applied. However, a majority of our winners attend state schools with the highest number attending Kansas State University.  In contrast, there are also those who go out of state, and sometimes, out of state to prestigious schools such as Yale and Harvard.

    These yearly scholarships are funded partly from the MAREA dues.  Currently $2.50 of each member's $9.00 yearly dues goes to the scholarship fund.  Most of the scholarship money, however, comes from voluntary donations from members and other interested parties.  For most individuals these donations are fully tax deductible. Normally scholarship funds collected in a given year are used that year.  However, MAREA has received some larger donations whose principal is maintained and the yearly interest or dividends goes into the scholarship fund.

      If you would like to donate to the MAREA scholarship fund (usually tax deductible) please e-mail us and we will describe how this is done.  Note: If your e-mail program does not automatically open by clicking on "e-mail us," then address your message to: [email protected]

    Note:  Although giving scholarships is a community service, the topic has been set apart mainly because the awarding of scholarships is a prime MAREA service function (see Community Service).


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Joining MAREA

Current Yearly Dues
MAREA  $10.00
KARSP    $15.00

What do the dues do?
State dues provide, among other things, a dedicated voice in the Kansas legislature speaking for retired school personnel. MAREA unit dues help support the monthly meetings, an annual yearbook, and a semiannual newsletter. They also contribute to our scholarship awards and to the costs of distributing information of interest to retired educators.

If you want to join, or if you just want more info, please e-mail us by clicking here.  If your e-mail program does not automatically open by "clicking here" then address your message to:
[email protected]


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